Coldplay – To Love or To Hate?


So today I am going to write about a group that seems divide many…yep that would be Coldplay! 🙂

With the level of global success they have had, the reception they have received has always been surprisingly mixed! Some people really love and rave about them, while others hate them. Common criticisms are that their music is boring, bland, their songs are too slow, their music is depressing…you get the drift!

And which side am I on? Honestly, I really love them! I always have, right from when I first heard Yellow and Trouble what seems like a lifetime ago. Here are just a few of the reasons that I love them:

  • Their melodies – you can’t deny it, their songs are damn catchy!
  • Chris Martin’s voice – it captivates you so easily, taking you on the journey in the story he is telling.
  • Their songs are relatable – ok so their lyrics may not be the deepest, but you can relate to them. They sing about real life emotions that everyone can relate to. Some of their songs are vague to the point where they can be compared to modern art where different people may read different meanings into it.
  • They care about their fans – I have been to a lot of gigs in my time, and they are still in the top 3 of live performances that I have been lucky enough to experience. Their live set is incredible, and as a fan, you definitely leave feeling like you got what you came for and a whole lot more!
  • They are low-key – you don’t see them falling out of clubs, streaked all over the cover of tabloid newspapers with some scandal or another, or being vocal about other bands they don’t like *cough* Noel Gallagher *cough*! Coldplay are simply about the music. Nothing contrived and no attempts at attention seeking.

Sometimes I wonder if people hate Coldplay just because it is seen as cool to hate them. When a band is so big, there are some who would feel that their level of success is somewhat cookie-cutter. Coldplay don’t fit that mould though. They aren’t manufactured by any means – they write their own songs, play their own instruments, and it is clear that they are passionate about the music they are creating.

With the longevity they have enjoyed, as well as the number of hit singles and awards over the years, surely even the haters have to admit that there is something there!