Finding New Music

I usually like to mix listening to the established artists that I know and love with finding new music and trying to discover new artists. Music discovery takes time though, you have to sieve through a lot of different artists to find someone that you connect with. This week, I was browsing through some of the artists on LoudUp when I came across Kenesha. She has a song called ‘Hey I’ which I really loved. She lists some of her influences as India.Arie and Tracy Chapman which totally explains why I like her (I definitely need to do a future post about India.Arie – I’m a huge fan!).

With the track ‘Hey I’, it has that acoustic laid-back story telling vibe I love, punctuated with perfect harmonies and percussion, it’s really beautiful. Have a listen if you’re looking to check out some new music.

Adele is Back!

In case you missed the announcement (I’m not sure how you could have!), Adele has returned with a brand new album after a 4 year hiatus! Much to an incredible amount of excitement! Hello – the debut single from the album, came close to breaking the internet with the video crossing 100 million views on YouTube in just 5 days!

So let’s come back to the album. Titled 25, it got record-breaking sales within the 1st week, breaking the record for the fastest selling album in the UK ever! Quite a wonder as Adele refused to release the album to streaming services. And they say no one buys music anymore…!

Adele 25 album

The album was released a couple of months ago, so why am I only talking about it now? Well, I had to hold off on buying it for a few months so I could request it for Christmas. My siblings struggle on what to buy me, I’m just not a very materialistic person I guess so I held out on this and Coldplay‘s new album to give them a few options!

So what’s the verdict? It takes me a few listens to get into an album so I need a bit more time to digest it, but already there are a few tracks I really love! ‘When We Were Young’ jumped out at me instantly! And it’s not often that happens to me. I listened to tracks 1, 2, 3, and then got to 4, then hit rewind, hit rewind, hit rewind again, let’s just say I stayed there for a little while before continuing with the rest of the album. Another track I instantly loved was ‘Million Years Ago’. The stripped-back vibe, lyrics, and just everything about the track is perfection for me.

I watched a replay of a live performance she did recently called Adele at the BBC and it made me excited to hopefully catch her live soon!

I can’t wait to spend some more time with this album, I already feel I’m going to love it every bit as much as I loved her 21 album. Yep…Adele is well and truly back!